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Diversity consulting and Diversity training

Are diverse teams really more successful than homogenous teams?

Yes! And only if managers and their teams appreciate Diversity as a true enrichment and know how to engage and make use of Diversity in their team. We support your managers and employees in expanding their Diversity competencies. We guide your management how to handle the complexity of Diversity well. We encourage them to expand their comfort zone and teach them how to become a successful inclusive leader. We also show how managers can use Diversity for their own advantage and the success of their team.

Our Diversity tools are at your disposal.

Minimizing unconscious bias

Unconscious bias is one of the main factors in Diversity Management.

Although unconscious bias is human, it distorts the impression and assessment of people, and influences (personnel) decisions of managers.

In workshops, we improve the knowledge and awareness of your manager’s bias, but also other target groups, such as HR. In our workshops, we use engaging and practical approaches to show how unconscious bias can be identified and minimized.

Competence for managers

We familiarize your managers with Diversity & Inclusion in coachings and workshops.

We have already convinced more than one thousand participants that Diversity & Inclusion is a central component of the business strategy and sustainability of a company. Also, we have motivated them to identify how Diversity & Inclusion can be implemented and utilized in their area of influence.

The executive becomes inclusive leader

An inclusive leader succeeds in inspiring and motivating people of different backgrounds to contribute their full potential to the task at hand.

In workshops, we support executives to create such an appreciative work climate. Also, we teach your managers how to utilize the potential of their diverse team.

Communicating Diversity

We find the right words for you – whether it is for job advertisements or publications, for the business report of a speech. Whenever you want to reach people with the right words, we are at your service.

By the way, companies have had positive experiences with job advertisements designed by us: Substantially more women applied, but not less men.

And we also train you to always strike the right note. We host workshops for you, give practical advice, and create checklists for texts that reach a multitude of people.

D&I News Service

Articles on Diversity & Inclusion seem out of touch?

Not with our Diversity News Service. We regularly deliver current news in economy, society, and, if desired, also politics around Diversity & Inclusion. You decide the focus and frequency.

For example, you can use our Diversity news for your D&I newsletter on your D&I intranet or Internet page – or for one of your social media accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter.

D&I check for HR processes

While Diversity & Inclusion is not only a topic for HR, the HR organization is the most important strategic partner for D&I.

Most of all, it is about guaranteeing that HR processes are free from (unconscious) bias and open for diverse talents.

We make the HR community sensitive to D&I and support the improvement of HR processes, structures and policies. Most companies pay the most attention to recruiting.

Diversity test: which D&I type are you?

Our Diversity tests and quizzes are popular and have been used for various target groups.

Particularly executives can familiarize themselves hands-on with the different dimensions of Diversity – and determine their Diversity type.

We include the focus of your company in the process. Online versions are also available on mobile devices.

Consulting & Coaching on D&I

You need expertise in Diversity & Inclusion?

Then you have come to the right place. We have more than twenty years of experience in Germany, Europe, and worldwide.

We host professional coachings for individuals and teams. We are your partner in all questions on Diversity & Inclusion.

Presentations and Keynotes

Hans W. Jablonski is a sought-after speaker for presentations and keynotes and is available for all subjects around Diversity & Inclusion.

He inspires with his professional expertise, his captivating presentation style, and many practical examples.
See for yourself (German only)

We customize all our services to your needs and your company. Get in touch with us: Contact form.


Success Stories:

Example 1, Insurance group DAX 30:

D&I Workshops with board members on business impact, role model function and tasks of executives. Also raising awareness of unconscious bias.


Example 2, Global engineering corporation:

holding workshops for all directors, aligning the business and Diversity goals of different operations, Developing HR as the strategic business partner to support the directors in this process. Definition of roles, consulting skills, and sparring partner workshop.


Example 3, Municipal employer:

Development of a sustainable Diversity concept as well as support of executives and department heads in building awareness and competency in Diversity and inclusive leadership.

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