Hans W. Jablonski, Expert on "DIVERSITY & INCLUSION

“One of the best workshops I have ever attended.
 Very professional.“ VP EMEA

“Hans is a committed and convincing expert on D&I.“
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Diversity Management

Diversity leads to success – we show you how Diversity Management works and how you can use it profitably in your company. Inclusion is part of strategic Diversity Management: an appreciative company culture.

Profit from Diversity Management along the whole value chain

Be an attractive employer

Diversity & Inclusion make your company attractive for every talent and motivate them effectively to contribute to the success of your company.

Assure innovation and creativity

Diversity & Inclusion establish an atmosphere of creativity and provide room for innovation. Diverse teams develop better and more sustainable ideas.

Master digitalization: Smart Diversity

Diversity & Inclusion support new forms of work and cooperation – whether in virtual or mobile teams that work flexibly and operate independent of location, time, and structures.

Develop Diversity competence in your company and guarantee that your leaders and teams remain successful in the digital age.

Successful in new markets and with new customers

Diverse teams can discover and serve new markets.

They can fulfill varied and specific customer demands. Your customers will be inspired by your Diversity and the ideas behind it.

Motivate all talents

An open company culture motivates all employees to contribute with their full potential to success. Appreciation creates a feeling of belonging and identity.

This assures the commitment of a diverse workforce.

We gladly support you in achieving the advantages of Diversity and Inclusion.

What we can do for you:

We develop a Diversity Management strategy with you

You should not leave Diversity and motivation to chance.

We develop the introduction of Diversity Management with you and then implement it together.

We design a stable infrastructure for successful Diversity Management in your company.

We bring your company up to speed strategically

We develop a Diversity & Inclusion concept with you.

This concept considers your business strategy, the demographic development of your company, and your specific situation in the labor and sales market.

We describe the business impact

We support to identify the business impact of Diversity & Inclusion for your company convincingly and show how you can utilize it to your benefit.

We support you in key Diversity aspects

We work with you on the areas you define.

These include for example gender, cross-culture, age, and sexual orientation.

We develop an activity plan with you.

We support you in convincing communication

Together we develop a communication concept on Diversity.

Through various channels, we get strong messages to different target groups.

We make sure that your company communication reaches a diverse audience.

Convince more people with simple means!

Success stories

Example 1, Industry:

Creation of a Diversity concept including a uniform and robust definition of Diversity & Inclusion as well as development and implementation of a global Diversity Management infrastructure.


Example 2, Electronics enterprise:

Development of HR as strategic partner of Diversity Management – definition of skills, workshops for the expansion of skills, and development of instruments.


Example 3, Service provider:

Development of a Diversity communication concept with revision of job advertisement, website, and publications.

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