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May 2017
Right in time for the Diversity Day 2017 in Germany this little video has been published. It explains why Diversity is important and the role of the Diversity Charta „Charta der Vielfalt“. Unfortunately it is in German language only.
Apr 2017
Two out of three companies in Germany are not prepared for a diverse business world. This is the result of the study on Diversity & Inclusion in Germany, published by Charta der Vielfalt e.V. and EY in 2016.
Mar 2017
The Mix that Matters This study shows a clear correlation between diversity and innovation. It quantifies the impact that different types of Diversity have on companies´ ability to generate new sources of revenue.
Nov 2016
Organisations urge employees to conformity. Conformity on the job is costly for organisations with decrease of engagement, productivity and innovation. It may not need a revolution to get out of conformity but a balance on both is needed and will lead to success. See the interesting article form the Harvard Business Review

Sep 2016
Statistics helps to identify (unconscious) bias. Interesting data has been identified on representation on men and women in media.
Mar 2015
We know intuitively that diversity matters and we know the meaning of Diversity for the business´ success for companies. Again this has been described by a research from McKinsey.
Jan 2013
jbd is one of the signees of the "Charter of Diversity" and our team is looking forward to the first Diversity Day in Germany on 11th June 2013.
Feb 2012
Companies have still room for improvement on recruiting diverse candidates
Jan 2012
Win-win situation: Companies can profit from the employees' career plans.
Feb 2011
Business experts see a backlog for German companies

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