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Feb 2012
Discovering potential(s)
Discovering potential(s)
Companies have still room for improvement on recruiting diverse candidates

When searching for new juniors many companies often fail to see talents in their own resorts. This can even lead so far that people not only feel overlooked but feel excluded permanently. Migrants experience these disadvantages almost twice as often as the major population. This alarming information is the result of a survey including 9.200 persons - most with migration background - of the Council of Experts of the "German Foundations of Integration and Migration (SVR)". The survey was published by the Federal Anti-Discrimination Institute.

Undiscovered potentials are not only a social but also an economic issue. Companies depend on the recruitment of intercultural talents due to the acute shortage of skilled labour. Are the named results related to the impression of indecision and insecurity towards foreign colleagues that is still very common?

There are known reasons for this exclusion which are not related to a knowingly discrimination. Regarding the elimination of unconscious bias there is still a lot of catching-up to do. Instead of being judged by performance foreign colleagues are still misjudged by internalized, often unconscious and therefore resistant stereotypes - leading to the result that foreign employees often fail to meet with the application requirements. Studies have shown that CVs with German names and German application photos (apparently) are still favoured.

The task of Diversity Management is to raise decision makers' awareness for unconscious stereotypes. Only a person who knows in what way he/she is influenced can make unbiased decisions and can avoid disadvantages which may harm companies in a social and economic way.

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