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Feb 2011
Diversity - a long-term priority
Diversity - a long-term priority
The business in Germany runs well these days and the chances need to be taken. Experts recommend making use of the positive situation by investing in 2011 in interesting opportunities and by entering new markets. Diversity Management plays a major role to be successful here.
Clear words on this from Frank Mattern, CEO of McKinsey in Germany: "The companies in Germany have a serious backlog on Diversity Management". Germany as a location for business has to catch up for business but also societal reasons. "These efforts need a sustainable and long term strategy", the expert says, "what will last about five to ten years."
Hence Diversity is not only a priority for 2011 but also beyond. Many companies have already started to tackle the challenge of the demographic change. A central aspect is the representation of women in leadership positions. The strategic challenge will be to start a sustainable process and to question traditional roles of men and women and to finally develop an inclusive workplace for both genders. The goal is having high-performing teams where men and women work together effectively. The beginning of the year seems to be a good opportunity to make a first step in this direction.

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