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Jan 2013
Germanys first Diversity day on 11th June 2013

Germanys first Diversity day on 11th June 2013

jbd is one of the signees of the "Charter of Diversity" and our team is looking forward to the first Diversity Day in Germany on 11th June 2013. Together with many customers as well as cooperation partners we are planning various activities on diversity which can be found on the website of "Charter of Diversity". We are looking forward to your call if you would like to support the implementation of your ideas with a keynote speech or trail workshop

On the diversity day

Finally, on 11th June 2013, it is happing: "Charta der Vielfalt e.V. is launching the first German Diversity Day with innovative ideas and open eyes. The association will present future-oriented diversity ideas to a broad public. Every company and institution that is willing to show variety is invited to join.

Companies and institutions throughout Germany will demonstrate how diversity can contribute to strengthen its position and to manage sociopolitical problems on 11th June 2013. Besides a central event in Berlin which is accompanied by minister of state Prof. Dr. Maria Böhmer as a constant board member of "Charta der Vielfalt e.V." there will also be numerous actions nationwide on "diversity" - a colourful day in the name of diversity.

Everyone who thinks of diversity as enrichment and already supports the idea of diversity or would like to integrate diversity in its own corporate culture is invited to participate. Whether you would like to make a short video film on diversity or to organize an "open day" - of course, different activities are possible. There are no limits on your creativity on the first German diversity day. Furthermore, the diversity day offers those companies and institutions the chance to sign the "Charter of Diversity" which do not already take part as an official member.

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