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Jan 2012
No question of age
No question of age
Win-win situation: Companies can profit from the employees' career plans.

The figures of the latest 'Eurobarometer' survey are surprising: While political decision makers are worrying about the increasing average age of the society, most of the citizens think of it in a positive way. More the 60 per cent think that working after retirement should be allowed. One third of the interviewed persons, mostly the older generations, stated that they would like to work longer. They do not want to be outsiders job wise after their mid-fifties.

Some companies have recognized this potential. They are starting to rethink and are initializing concrete measures. The most important point is not to limit the employees' career plans to the "vocational rush hour" within 30 to 50 years. The aging staff should stay fit and capable for a career after 50. Especially parents with no children living at their homes anymore are re-discovered as flexible and experienced talents. Their typical reaction is: "We are no longer forced to wait inactively for our retirement. We expect real challenges so that we can prove our expertise."

Career is no question of age. The requirements from the employees' point of view are an open mindset towards lifelong learning as well as the wish to stay mentally and physically fit. The task for the companies is to question stereotypes and to create framework conditions for a value-adding employment of their staff until retirement. Most of the EU citizens are ready for a career beyond their fifties. Therefore companies are now having a strong demand for action in order to use this potential.

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