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Jan 2008
Study: Heading towards gender equality
Study: Heading towards gender equality

Prospective parents can take a sigh of relief: by the year 2020, it will be easier to reconcile work and family life. This is a view held at least by Deutsche Bank (DB) Research, which carried out a topical study on the interplay between women and structural change and the decisive factors in this.

While the study centres on women, it also assumes that men, too, will have to deal with change: whereas more and more women will take up leadership roles and introduce a more consultative and long-term focus in business practice, men will take up a bigger role in family and childhood education. The study also describes the shifts in magnitude that men and women will experience in terms of participation in several areas of life. Here, the study points at the increasing importance attached to soft skills such as social competence and creativity.

DB Research claims that from today’s perspective, gender equality in society is a distant goal which can nevertheless be achieved. Germany has the opportunity to assume a leading role in family policy and thus allow families to profit from the reconcilability of work and family life. Government and businesses alike are in a position to significantly influence women’s lives in future – and profit from doing so. DB Research concludes that ultimately, every woman and every man will choose their own path towards gender equality – for their own and mutual benefit.

You can download the entire study here in our Download section.

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